3 Auto Transmission Trouble Signs You Shouldn't Overlook

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3 Auto Transmission Trouble Signs You Shouldn't Overlook

Like manual transmissions, automatic transmissions perform the function of converting the power of the engine into the torque and rotational speed needed to move vehicles forward. However, they don't require driver input to shift gears the same way manual transmissions do. You simply need to select "D" for drive, and your auto transmission will automatically choose the right gear for the driving conditions. 

Owing to the fact that they have a more complex design than their manual cousins, automatic transmissions usually require more expensive repairs. The best way to avoid costly auto transmission repairs is to watch out for signs of transmission trouble and take remedial action immediately. 

Here are some warning signs that your vehicle requires auto transmission repair

Leaking Transmission Fluid

The automatic transmission fluid in your car performs the important function of cooling your transmission system and keeping its running components well lubricated. If you discover a pool of this fluid on the ground underneath the place where the vehicle is parked, this is an indication that you have a leak problem. Failure to fix the problem immediately will result in overheating of the transmission system and the premature wear of moving parts due to increased internal friction.

If you notice any transmission fluid leak, get your vehicle checked quickly.

Noisy Transmission 

When your transmission system is running at its peak, it shouldn't make any loud noises. A grinding, humming, buzzing, clunking, whining or any other unfamiliar sound coming from your transmission is not only irritating to the ears but also a sign of trouble.

Be sure to get your car checked and repaired if you hear any strange transmission noises when you're driving.

Delayed Engagement of Gears 

Does your car 'hesitate' to go into a new gear with the changing driving conditions? When your automatic transmission is working properly, there is no log when gears are shifting. Delayed shifting of gears is an indication that your automatic transmission is losing its usual efficiency. There are several causes of delayed gear engagement, including transmission overheating, worn gears, ineffective gear oil, a bad torque converter, a faulty solenoid and many more.

An automatic transmission repair specialist can help you find out the root cause of the problem and fix it.

If you notice the above signs of auto transmission trouble, take your car to an auto transmission repair specialist immediately. Acting promptly will help to keep your vehicle repair costs at a minimum.

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