Four Overnight Repairs to Keep Your Trucks in Excellent Condition

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Four Overnight Repairs to Keep Your Trucks in Excellent Condition

In the trucking industry, a little downtime can be detrimental to your business. You need to keep your fleet on the road at all times to ensure smooth flow of operations. This is why you cannot afford to have your trucks idling in a repair shop when they should be on the road. Overnight truck repairs eliminate downtime associated with daytime repairs. What's more, they also ensure your fleet is in excellent condition at all times. Below are some essential repairs you can conduct overnight and keep your trucks running throughout the day.

Cooling System Repairs

Driving trucks over long distances exposes them to a lot of heat. If your trucks have diesel engines, they tend to heat up frequently. You need a functional cooling system to remove the heat and keep the metal parts cool. If the system isn't working correctly, the components can overheat and get damaged. The result is roadside emergencies, which can slow down business. Service your cooling system regularly to maintain operations and prevent downtime.

Suspension and Steering System Repairs

Is your truck suddenly pulling to one side when driving? Or do you have difficulties steering it despite using a power steering system? If so, you may have a faulty suspension or steering system. Unfortunately, most people tend to put off steering repairs as they don't seem serious. If you're on a tight schedule, overnight suspension repairs may be what you need. Your mechanic can check the system for faults and repair it in time for your next trucking job. Don't ignore suspension problems as they can eventually lead to accidents due to poor driver control.

Electrical System Repairs

As you drive across the country at night, you need reliable headlights to light the way. In addition to powering your lights, the electrical system is used in many parts of the car such as the AC, sensors, radio and the ignition system. If your lights are looking dim at night, you may have a faulty alternator or battery. Get your electrical system checked to maintain its efficiency. Preventive maintenance will also ensure your trucks don't fail to start when you need them for a job.

Fuel and Air Filter Replacement

Clean air filters supply clean air to the engine and facilitate the combustion process. On the other hand, fuel filters keep debris and contaminants out of the engine. Bad air and fuel filters can undermine the combustion process, reduce fuel efficiency and affect the durability of the engine. After driving for long distances, you need to check your filters for clogs and wear. Replace them regularly to extend the durability of the engine and increase fuel efficiency.

Overnight truck repairs are an excellent way of keeping your trucks in excellent condition while maximising their performance. All you have to do is drop off the trucks for repairs in the evening and pick them up the next day.

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