Top Engine Maintenance and Repair Tips

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Top Engine Maintenance and Repair Tips

The engine is the heart that powers various vehicle components such as the transmission and wheels. Read the extract below to learn how to conduct engine repairs and improve its longevity.

Routine Engine Maintenance

The following are some essential engine maintenance tips:

  1. An oil change during every service. Besides, you should replace the oil and air filter.
  2. Changing the sparkplugs will help prevent ignition problems, improve your vehicle's performance and fuel consumption.
  3. The timing belt should be changed at the recommended mileage. Besides, inspect the serpentine belt and pulleys for signs of damage.
  4. Clean the fuel injectors at regular intervals. Replace them once they are worn out. 

Common Engine Problems and Their Repairs

1. Overheating

Overheating occurs when you have a problem with your cooling system. For example, the radiator could have leakages meaning the engine will not have sufficient coolant. On the other hand, a faulty thermostat may not release coolant at the recommended engine temperatures. As such, the engine will overheat.

2. Compression Problems

Compression is the process of compressing the air-fuel mixture in the engine during ignition. A vehicle with low compression will not start. Besides, it may have performance problems and will consume too much fuel. You will experience low compression if the engine has punctured pistons, leaking valves, damaged head gasket or worn out piston rings. 

3. Oil Pump Failure

A vehicle with a failing oil pump will have low oil pressure and strange engine noises caused by friction between the moving parts. Besides, the engine will overheat. Most vehicles have a dashboard light that warns drivers of low oil pressure. Replace or repair the oil pump to prevent severe engine problems. 

4. Cracked Block

A visual inspection will help you identify a cracked engine block. A cracked engine will produce smoke and overheat. Besides, the vehicle will have performance problems. Overheating and physical damage are the leading causes of cracked engine blocks. Small cracks can be welded. However, you may need a new block or engine if the damage is extensive.

5. Engine Overhaul

Over time, the engine will develop wear and tear. As such, it may have ignition, overheating or performance problems. Your mechanic will open the engine and check which components need replacement. For instance, you may need to change the camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, injectors, oil seals and the water pump. Engine overhaul is an opportunity to install quality aftermarket parts that will boost the performance of your car.

With the above tips, you should have an easy time maintaining your engine and diagnosing engine problems. As a rule, engine repairs should be conducted by experienced and specialised mechanics. For more information, contact a car repair service.

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