A Beginner's Guide To Car Transmissions

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A Beginner's Guide To Car Transmissions

Every car lover has to start somewhere, and for many Australians, their journey into the automobile world starts early. If you have always felt drawn to cars and their inner complexities but never really spent time pursuing this, then there is never a better time to start than right now. Everyone who has ever driven in a car will know that there are two main categories: manuals and automatics. There is no better place to start your education than by discussing the major differences between automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. 

Manual Transmissions

The transmission is vital in a car because it is through the transmission you determine how much power your wheels get to go at whatever speed you want. Manual transmissions are, as the name suggests, operated solely by you, the driver. Think of it like changing gears on a bicycle. Do change gears in a manual transmission you push the clutch, which is often positioned as a third pedal next to the acceleration and brake pedals. While the clutch is pressed down, you shift gears with the gear stick located next to the driver, on their left. The faster you accelerate, the quicker you need to change gears, and the same is true with braking. 

Automatic Transmissions 

Automatic transmissions are newer than manual transmissions and feature an automatic gear changing transmission. Automatic transmissions sense when your car needs to change gears (when you go faster or slower) and does it for you. On older automatic transmission cars, you can sometimes feel this gear change as the car will 'hiccup' a little, much like a manual transmission does. On newer editions, this change is nearly imperceptible. You still need to use the gearstick when driving an automatic, but only to put the car into drive, reverse or when you want to tow something. 

Which One Is Better?

The simple fact is that neither one option is 'better' for everyone. Many people prefer manual transmissions because they can more precisely control their car and like being more involved when driving. On the other hand, people prefer automatic transmissions because there is much less work needed while driving and you can focus on the road and cars around you. Manual cars also use less fuel than automatic transmissions and are cheaper to buy, but as more and more people transition to electric cars, this aspect is becoming less of a concern. The best way to find out which type you like is by trying to drive both and seeing for yourself! 

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