Basic Signs That You Need A Mechanic

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Basic Signs That You Need A Mechanic

Owning a car might be exciting, but it comes with the responsibility of maintenance. A vehicle has so many intricate parts, making it difficult to spot problems. While there are some minor problems you can fix on your own, such as changing a flat tyre, some issues require an expert hand. Here are some of the signs that you need to hire a mechanic.

Bad Odours and Strange Noises

Bad odours are a sign that there is something wrong with your vehicle. One of the most common smells is a maple-like odour indicating that your car has a leaking coolant. Other smells may indicate mould in the car's heater vents or AC. A burning paper smell is a sign that your clutch needs to be repaired.

Repetitive noises also point to a problem with your car. Some common sounds that indicate your car needs repair are a grinding noise when you are braking, knocking noise from under the hood or a whining transmission. Most of these noises mean that your engine's bearings are worn out.

Malfunctioning Signs

If you find that your car responds slowly to changing gears, then you should be alarmed. A pause when shifting gears could mean there is a problem with the transmission. When your vehicle jerks abruptly when switching gears from park to drive, this also means there is an issue with the transmission.

While shaking in a car is normal, some vibrations are a sign of malfunction. Excessive shaking should catch your attention. A defect in the wheel alignment may cause such unceasing shaking. This type of shaking could cause you to lose balance or lead to a series of other problems when you are behind the wheel.

Problems With Fuel Consumption, Mileage and Leaks

If you're frequently fueling your vehicle, even though you have not travelled for long, then you have a problem. In some cases, all it takes is a small tune-up to resolve the issue like changing the air filter, replacing the spark plugs or cleaning the sensor. You may also find that your car's mileage has suddenly decreased. This could be caused by a gas leak or low oil levels.

Fluid leaks can compromise the function of your car. Since all fluids should remain in your vehicle, one way to identify leaks is by stains under your car. If you notice any leaking, you need to report to a mechanic. Your vehicle relies on all these fluids to move efficiently.

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