How To Get The Most Out Of Your Auto AC

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Auto AC

Air conditioning (AC) might be a relatively modern luxury, but it has quickly transformed what people expect from their cars, especially in Australia. It would be impossible to release a vehicle without a robust air conditioning system, but at the same time, not every auto AC is created equal. There are definitely ways to get the most out of your cars auto AC. If you find yourself feeling frustrated by the pitiful cold breeze being spurted out by your auto AC, then here are a few ways you can go about upgrading it. 

Upgrade The Fans

Fans are essential in every AC system, but probably more so in your car. The power of these fans has changed dramatically over the years, and even if your car is just a few years old, you might still want to take a look at upgrading the fans if you find your current stream inadequate. You might have the best air conditioning system in the world, but if the fans are weak, then you will never know. Talk to an auto AC mechanic who specialises in cooling systems. If your issue sounds like a mechanical one, you could be covered by your warranty and get a free fix!

Fixing Leaky Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the chemical coolant that is used to cool your car and one of the most important components in an efficient auto AC. Older cars are more likely to have a crack in many of the systems that the coolant flows through, and it is not unusual for there to be a corresponding drop in auto ac quality that comes with that leak. Some notable signs that your car has a leak in the cooling system will be a hissing noise, the car taking much longer to get to a similar cooler temperature that it did easily before or a bad smell. The best way to get this checked out is with an auto AC service where they will also suggest whether you need to upgrade your refrigerant (older refrigerant was very harmful to the environment). 

Upgrading The Compressor

Your car's air conditioning compressor is used to change the refrigerant from a gas back into a liquid state, propelling it forward into the condenser where it eventually cools the air that you feel coming out of your auto AC. If this compressor is weak or broken, then the refrigerant will take a long time to get to where it is useful, if it gets there at all. A more potent compressor will mean a steady stream of cold air for as long as you want. A weaker compressor will take a while to start working and may not be able to fill your demands. If that sounds like your auto AC, then your compressor is the component you should be fixing. 

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