Why Automatic Transmission Fluid Changes Are An Absolute Necessity

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Why Automatic Transmission Fluid Changes Are An Absolute Necessity

Automatic cars have become a popular option among modern car buyers because they're easier to learn to drive than their manual cousins. Like manual cars, these cars need to be serviced regularly to keep working properly.

One of the most important tasks that have to be performed to maintain the health of automatic cars is changing the transmission fluid. Automatic transmission fluid serves many functions that are essential to keep the vehicle working at its peak.

Read on to find out why timely automatic transmission fluid (ATF) changes are so important.

1. They Keep the Transmission System Well-Lubed

Automatic transmissions have various parts that require sufficient lubrication to work properly. Without proper lubrication, these parts will wear down quickly due to internal friction. 

ATF helps to lubricate the various transmission components so they can continue running smoothly and efficiently. In addition to maximizing the performance of your vehicle, well-lubed components help to extend the lifespan of your transmission system.

2. They Minimise Transmission Overheating

Like engines, transmissions are also susceptible to overheating issues. As transmission parts move and rub against each other, they can generate a significant amount of heat, which can damage the transmission. 

Automatic transmission fluid also acts as a coolant by transferring heat from the moving internal components to other components outside the transmission, such as an external transmission cooler.

3. They Help Keep the Transmission Clean and Healthy

As an automatic transmission system operates, its internal moving transmission components tend to degrade over time, releasing solid particles into the system. Automatic transmission fluid serves as a carrier for these contaminants.

When it's time for transmission fluid changes, these contaminants are removed along with the old fluid, keeping the transmission clean and healthy for a long time.

4. They Help Optimise Engine Output

The transmission system in an automatic car works by transferring the power of the engine to the wheels so the vehicle can move smoothly and efficiently. By helping to keep the transmission clean, healthy, properly lubricated and running within the optimal operating temperature range, regular transmission fluid changes help maximise engine performance.

Changing your ATF is a messy job. If you don't mind getting a little dirty, you can undertake automatic transmission fluid changes yourself provided you have the right tools and materials, some experience, and some free time. If you want to take the hassle out of the work, you can always use a local mechanic. 

For further information, reach out to an automatic transmission service in your area.

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