Qualities Contributing To The Popularity Of PDR For Panel Beating Repairs

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Qualities Contributing To The Popularity Of PDR For Panel Beating Repairs

Damages to the bodywork of your vehicle can severely detract from the overall appearance of your car. And when you consider the new-age paint formulations utilised to create unique hues and custom colours that will make your automobile stand out, you will quickly realise that high-impact exposure will cause conspicuous damage to your car! While traditional panel beating techniques such as planishing, sanding, welding and so on have worked to get rid of these damages, there has been an increased interest in paintless dent repair. As the name implies, this panel beating technique does not entail repainting of the vehicle since the dents are eliminated by manipulating the metal with specialised tools and techniques. Here are qualities contributing to the popularity of PDR for panel beating repairs.

Seamless paint matching

As stated above, messing up the paint job of your vehicle is probably your biggest concern when you require panel beating repairs, and this apprehension is not unfounded. What some motorists may be unaware of is that it can be challenging to come up with the same colour consistency when repainting damaged parts of the car since the paint job comprises a base layer and a finish later. If the mechanic does not match these two colours precisely, it will be noticeable in the finished paint job, and this, unfortunately, will devalue the vehicle. Whether you own a luxury car or not, you likely would want the vehicle to fetch the best price when you choose to sell it down the road. With that in mind, paintless dent repair is the best option since this panel beating technique functions to smoothen out the damages without damaging the paint job.

Environmentally conscious repairs

Over the years, living sustainably has become a priority for more and more Australians. So if you have been trying to play your part in environmental conservation, you likely are conscious of how your day-to-day decisions affect the planet. Conventional panel beating repairs involve the use of aerosols and paints that are toxic to the environment. The chlorofluorocarbons in the aerosols gradually degrade the ozone layer, whereas the volatile organic compounds in the paints contaminate the environment. Not to mention that exposure to these harmful chemicals is hazardous to the health of both humans and animals alike. Paintless dent repairs help with minimizing your carbon footprint since they do not entail the use of any chemicals. This panel beating technique only requires specialised tools for mechanical manipulation, which eliminates the risk of polluting the environment via sanding, filling, spraying and so on.

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