How to Repair Old Cars in Your Garage

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How to Repair Old Cars in Your Garage

The truth is, most people have a difficult time restoring old vehicles that no longer run. As such, they abandon these vehicles in their garages or compound. The excerpt below discusses how you can repair an old vehicle lying in your garage.

1. Engine Repairs

If the vehicle has been sitting around for a while, the battery may be dead. As such, try to jumpstart it and check whether the engine will start. If it does not, you could be dealing with problems in the fuel or electric system. As such, clean the fuel filter and check the functionality of the fuel pump using a multimeter. Change the spark plugs, ignition coil, distributor and the injectors. If it does not start at this stage, you will need to replace the starter. 

Conduct a compression test to determine the condition of the engine. Poor compression readings (below 100 PSI) are an indication that you need an engine overhaul. It is an opportunity to return the vehicle's engine into a near-new state. If the car had an overheating problem, the cylinder heads might need reboring. Change the pistons, piston rings, valves, gaskets, oil seals and timing belt during the overhaul.

Over time, the radiator accumulates gunk and begins to rust. As such, flush the radiator and cooling hoses to get rid of this dirt. You should replace rusted radiators.

2. Body Restoration

Inspect the vehicle for signs of rust and cracks along its frame. Replace rusted body panels. Alternatively, you could cut out the rusted part and weld an aluminium or stainless steel plate. Buffing will help restore the vehicle's paint. However, you may need to repaint the car if the paint has chipped or is faded. Pests such as termites, rodents and cockroaches may infest your vehicle. As such, strip the interior and fumigate the car if it has a pest infestation. Besides, conduct upholstery works such as repairing the dashboard, cleaning the seats, carpet and headliner. When cleaning the vehicle's interior, remove the battery to avoid fires.

3. Accessories

Check the functionality of the vehicle's accessories. For example, the air conditioning may need refilling and a new filter. You may also need to repair the radio and change the light bulbs. Remember to change the brake pads and linings. While you're at it, drain and refill the transmission and braking fluids.

You should now have an easy time repairing your old car. Proper maintenance will increase its longevity. Contact car repair services for further assistance. 

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