How to Configure a Custom Trailer to Carry Your Competition or Show Car

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How to Configure a Custom Trailer to Carry Your Competition or Show Car

If you are a true automotive enthusiast and have a classic or competition car in your garage, you may be planning to take part in a number of different shows or events. You need to focus on your transportation, therefore, so that you can get to your chosen destination and back as safely and as practically as possible. Yet you need to customise a trailer if you're going to take full advantage of your pastime and be as efficient as possible when you get there. What options do you have available?

Practical Design

Much will depend on your chosen objective, of course. If you have a rally or race car, then you will need to service it carefully during your competition and may need to kit out your trailer accordingly. Even if you have a show car that is designed to just sit there, you will still want it to look pristine and may need to carry tools, equipment or cleaning materials with you.

Size Matters

Your first task will be to buy a trailer of sufficient size. You need to ensure that you can fit the vehicle in there but also have room for special features as well.

Configuring Your Space

Work out exactly what you want to do at your destination. If you need access to tools, then design some cabinets to secure and carry them properly. For example, if you have any heavier items, they can be stored in larger cabinets against the back wall of the trailer while you can mount smaller cabinets higher up to take advantage of empty space. If you design these carefully, you will be able to manoeuvre your car in and out alongside or underneath these cabinets. You can even hang some racks from the roof and fill the space above the top of the car. Here, you could carry tyres and wheels as well.

Quick Access

Don't forget to add a door to the side of the trailer. This will make it easier for you to get in and access the driver's side of your vehicle when loading or unloading.

Light and Ventilation

These trailers may get quite warm during a race or show weekend. Think about adding some windows or roof vents to provide you with some ventilation. They can give you some natural light as well when you are working on any repairs or modifications.

Over to You

The sky is almost the limit when it comes to custom trailer modifications. Talk with your supplier and lay out your plans.

For more information, contact a custom trailer supplier today.

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