Autobody Kits: 3 Critical Signs that It's Time to Replace Your Car's Bumper

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Autobody Kits: 3 Critical Signs that It's Time to Replace Your Car's Bumper

Bumpers absorb shock and impact when a vehicle hits a pothole. In the event of an accident, the bumper nullifies the effect of a strike. Some manufacturers use metal bumpers but include rubber to absorb shock on impact. However, most cars have plastic bumpers. Whether you have a metallic or plastic bumper, you must fix it when it sustains damage to ensure proper functioning. Here are three signs pointing to a need for bumper replacement.

1. The Bumper Has Irreparable Cracks

Generally, cracks weaken the bumper structurally, making it challenging to absorb shock from the impact of an accident. That exposes you to injuries in case of a crash. Moreover, a weak bumper exposes other car parts to damage since it will not effectively reduce the impact. That means you will incur additional costs in fixing damage to other components of the vehicle and treating your injuries. 

Your mechanic can repair small cracks and holes on the bumper. However, large cracks may be trickier to fix. The experts can try to repair the damage cosmetically, but the bumper risks cracking with the slightest impact. That means you will be returning for repairs now and then. Hence, it is more sensible to replace a severely damaged bumper than to repair it. 

2. Overly Scratched Bumper 

Scratches usually remove paint off the bumper and damage its appearance. Luckily, it is easy to repaint the bumper. Besides, there is no need for replacing the bumper if the surface has a few scratches since the paint will cover them. However, significant and extensive scratches weaken the bumper, making the car less safe. 

In this case, your mechanic restores the bumper by sanding and filling the scratches. They then repaint the bumper to resemble the rest of the car. The cost of sanding and refilling depends on the extent and severity of scratching. But it can be less costly to replace with body kits when the bumper surface is severely damaged.

Replacing an overly scratched bumper might be necessary to uplift the outward appearance of the auto. Doing this increases its resale value. Otherwise, a worn-out bumper can discourage potential buyers, even if the rest of the auto body is in good shape. 

3. Bumper Is Falling Off

Bumpers are attached to the vehicle's body using hooks. Thus, an impact can loosen or break these hooks, detaching the bumper from the rest of the body. In most cases, the hooks are irreparable, and so the only solution to restore your car's safety level to normal is by replacing the entire bumper.

Bumper repairs are essential to protect yourself and your vehicle during a collision. So, find a reputable and skilled auto body expert when your bumper seems to be out of place. Look for body kits that are made for your car like Mustang body kits so that you can find something that'll match. 

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